There are days where I get it [mostly] all right. I am gentle and I give Grace. We are on time. Everyone is groomed and dressed like they are going to be cover kids for a freaking Gap magazine. (Well, except me, in my very best Trunchbull messy bun and target slides.) And equally, if not more so, there are days where I’m not even sure if my kid flushed the toilet before we left the house in a haste. No need to judge me, I’ll judge myself enough for the both of us later.

There are times where I dutifully pack beautiful lunches in colorful bentgo boxes. Carefully ensuring I’ve hit all the major food groups of course. Michelle Obama, herself, would be proud of these lunches, okay. And, there are times where I throw that Good and Gather “Target special” lunchable in the overpriced Pottery Barn lunchbox like I’m Micheal Jordan scoring the 28th game point before halftime. Sometimes it’s truly a scene straight out of Pinterest over here. And sometimes it's popsicles in the bath tub, just so I can score 30 minutes of silence. Simply because I can not take another minute of tiny people loosing their marbles over the color of the water bottle I handed them. There are so many things I know I am doing right. And, there are real life things I stumble on daily.

But, let’s be clear. While it’s funny and trendy to call ourselves “hot messes” and “struggle bus passengers”, in all honesty, it’s really that Motherhood is just that messy. Doing life, the best we can with these babies, is messy. It’s messy and gratifying and frustrating and joyful. It’s every single good and beautiful thing, but it’s also demanding and exhausting and the stakes are SO high. We are pouring everything we have into building decent humans who make the world better… or I hope that’s what I’m over here doing anyway. 

So, if you need a reminder, you are doing good Mama. You are, we both are. And, if we are in a season we can strive to do better, awesome. If we’re in a season where we need to have toast and puffs for dinner 3 nights this week, awesome. Our kids are resilient, and they are learning from all the ways we survive and thrive in Mamahood. I’ve only been in the game 6ish years now. I am no expert by any means. But, if I am certain of anything, it’s this: On the days where you’re overwhelmed and over stimulated and you just can’t anymore. Remember, It’s not you. The world is more demanding of us now than it ever has been. The consequence of an “instant gratification” lifestyle, well, it’s that we ourselves feel as though we also have to be accessible at all times. And, that is impossible! So, we will spend a lot of time stumbling and trying to keep up. So, if you want to stumble along with me, or even learn that keeping up is for the birds. I’ll be sharing more of the gritty moments of raising my crew of chaos.

I am not here to give advice of any kind, I am not a guide. These kids could very well grow up to star in an episode of My Strange Addiction. But, I’m here, sharing in solidarity. Sharing in the hopes that it’s relatable. That it makes you feel like the rockstar you are. A little something for me to look back on, and for you to laugh at... maybe? Make you feel better about yourself? I’m not even sure. But, here it is, in all its transparent glory. I want to strive to relate to other Mothers (or Dad's too) in that real, authentic , and raw way. (Or, am I really crazy and y’all just don’t want to tell me?) Either way, I love sharing it all! And, I’ve decided to take that a step further than my usual post on the Book of Face. I can only hope my 7 tried and true Facebook followers will love me. [Hey Mom!]

Stick around, or don’t, I’ll be here.